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Appeal against grades

You can submit an appeal against your grades for all written examinations. You cannot submit an appeal against the grades of oral or practical examinations when the performance is not documented for future purposes.

Ask for an explanation of your grade

We recommend that you ask for an explanation of your grade before deciding to submit an appeal.

The result from the appeal process is final and may be the same as, better or worse than the original grade. You can ask for an explanation of the new grade, but you cannot appeal against the new grade.


Three weeks after the grade was published. If you have asked for an explanation of your grade, or made a complaint based on formal examination errors, the deadline runs from the date you have received the explanation or an answer to your complaint.

Processing time

You will normally receive an answer within one month. If it takes longer, you will be notified. The results are given by letter or by e-mail.

How to submit an appeal

Use the online form to submit an appeal against grades for written examinations:

If you cannot use the online form, you can print and fill out this form (pdf).

How is the appeal processed

The faculty receives the appeal. If you use the online form, you will receive an e-mail receipt.

Your answer papers are reassessed by two new examiners. At least one of the new examiners is external, i.e. from outside the University of Oslo.

The new examiners have access to your answer papers, the examination question paper and any assessment guidelines. They do not have access to the original grade or the original examiners' explanation of this.

During the appeal process, your grade is restricted in the Studentweb and from appearing on transcripts.

You have the right to withdraw your appeal until the case is settled.



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