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Complaints about formal exam errors

You can submit a complaint about formal examination errors. Formal errors can occur for instance in the examination question papers, in conducting the examination or during grading.

If formal examination errors have taken place, the faculty may have to conduct a new assessment or arrange a new examination. You can appeal against the new result according to the regulations concerning appeal about grades.


Three weeks after you know or should have known about the condition on which the complaint is based. If you have previously asked for an explanation of grades or submitted an appeal about grades, the deadline runs from the date you have received the explanation or the appeal about grades has been settled.

Processing time

You will normally receive an answer within one month. If it takes longer, you will be notified. The results are given by letter or by e-mail.

How to submit a complaint

Fill out the online form to submit a complaint at your faculty or unit:

If you cannot use the online form, use the printed form.

How is the complaint processed

The faculty receives the complaint. If you use the online form, you will receive an e-mail receipt.

The complaint is processed by the faculty, which will give you an answer. If the faculty agrees that a formal examination error has taken place, the faculty will seek to correct the error.

You have the right to appeal the faculty's decisions on formal exam errors. The university's appeals committee handles the appeals.

You have the right to withdraw your complaint until the case is settled.

Complaints about formal exam errors are processed according to the act relating to universities and university colleges § 5-2 (i Norwegian only).


Contact the faculty's information centre.

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