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Illness at exams

During the spring semester 2020, UiO allows self-notification in case of absence from exams. If you are ill or in quarantine during an exam, you can send us an online message without attaching documentation.

The opportunity to use self-notification in case of absence from exams applies to all forms of examination, including submissions, oral examinations and master's theses.

If you are ill or have another valid reason for not taking an exam, your absence may be approved. With an approved reason for absence, you do not use an examination attempt, and you can apply for a postponed examination or an extended submission deadline.

What is valid absence?

Valid reasons for absence include the following:

  • If you, or a person for whom you are the primary caretaker, are ill.
  • Home quarantine or home isolation because of the corona virus.
  • Childbirth.
  • Death of a close relative.
  • Other weighty reasons outside of your own control.

Other weighty reasons outside of your own control may include for instance military service, trials or political representation. High-level sports or cultural events may also be approved.

In the case of illness during the preparation period, you should consider applying for a leave of absence.

How do you give notice on absence from exams?

Fill out the online form:

You do not need to upload documentation on your absence, regardless of the reason for your absence.

The deadline is one week after the exam. If the deadline expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it will be extended to the next working day.

In the case of serious illness, the faculty may give an exemption from the deadline.


Contact the faculty's information centre.


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