Financial aid

Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen)

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund is a government agency allocating loans and grants to Norwegian students. International students may in some cases qualify for this and you can find more information about this on Lånekassens website. The financial support is part loan and part grant and is meant to help support cost of living, travel and tuition fees when applicable. 

You can find more information on how to apply at Lånekassen.

In some cases, the partner institution abroad might request a statement of financial support from Lånekassen. Order a statement here (in Norwegian).


Students who exchange through Erasmus+, Nordplus or Nordlys can apply for a separate grant. Read more about the Erasmus+ grants and the Nordplus grant.


The University of Oslo awards a UNIFOR grant to selected outbound students exchanging to certain destinations. Read more about UNIFOR and which countries are eligible in this round of application.

Other scholarships and sources of funding 

There are other scholarships and sources of funding which might be relevant for you. We advise you to check your options early, preferably a year ahead of your intended exchange.

Special needs

  • If you are eligible for Lånekassen support, you can apply for additional support if you have disabilities limiting your ability to besides your studies. You will normally keep this support during your exchange abroad. This also includes dyslexia. Contact Lånekassen for more information.
  • If you receive services from NAV, please contact NAV International for information about potential benefits abroad. 
  • The Sofies Minde foundation awards grants to students with physical disabilities studying for a BA or MA in Norway or abroad. More about Sofies Minde foundation (in Norwegian only).