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UNIFOR scholarship for outbound exchange from UiO

From 2018 to spring 2021, UiO students going on exchange to partner universities in the US are eligible for a UNIFOR student scholarship. 


UNIFOR is a non-profit organisation founded by the University of Oslo. UNIFOR manages and distributes funds for charitable foundations, primarily within research and higher education. UiO awards the UNIFOR student scholarships to outbound exchange students admitted to partner universities in chosen destinations. 

Chosen destinations 2018-2021 

From 2018 to 2021, the scholarship funds are reserved for semester exchanges to partner universities in the US, where UiO has approximately 40 exchange partners. 


The student scholarship will be offered to bachelor’s and master’s students who have applied and been nominated to outbound exchange at one of UiO's partner universities in the US. The exchange must last a minimum of three months and the allocated scholarship is a one-time fixed sum.  

The scholarship is not available for summer schools, exchange shorter than three months, fieldwork, free movers or studies abroad through Gründerskolen.  

The exchange must be pre-approved as a part of the degree at UiO. 

The funds are meant to cover extra costs occurring from studying in the US and all recipients must write a report after the exchange. 

If the exchange is cancelled before completion, the scholarship must be refunded. 


Students must apply for exchange within the given deadlines for outbound exchange at UiO. 

Transfer of scholarship 

Students nominated for exchange to the US will receive a UNIFOR contract before departure. UNIFOR will transfer the scholarship by the end of March for the spring semester and in September/October for the autumn semester. All nominated students will be contacted by UiO:Exchange with more information about the process. 

The scholarship amount can vary and is dependent on the available funds and the number of nominated students. In 2019/2020 the amount was approximately 14 500 NOK. 

NB! This scholarship will not influence your right to apply for funds through The Norwegian Student Educational Loan Fund. 


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