Apply for renewal of residence permit

Non-EU/EEA-students who will be staying in Norway for more than one year must remember to apply for renewal of their residence permit at least one month before the residence permit expires.

Winter 2022/2023

You must book an appointment with the police in order to hand in your application for renewal of residence permit.

Please note that there are currently fewer appointments available at the Oslo Police Department, and you must therefore book the first available appointment, even if it is after the deadline (one month before your current permit expires). 

  1. Check the requirements and register an application for renewal of residence permit ( 
  2. Pay the UDI application fees
  3. Book an appointment with the Oslo Police Department in order to hand in your documents
  4. Order a progress report from Knutepunktet.

When to apply for a renewal 

  • Due to the waiting time we recommend that you register the application 3 months before your residence permit expires. 

Information needed when applying:

  • UiO organisation number: 971 035 854

Renewal when admitted to a new study programme

If you have been admitted to a new study programme at a higher level (from bachelor to master), this will be deemed to be a continuation of previous studies by UDI. Read about what you need to document in order to renew your study residence permit, if that is the case.

Job seeker who has recently graduated

Please check with the UDI if you may apply for a job seeker permit as recently graduated.

If you are waiting for your final diploma and transcript, you may order a progress report to confirm that you have completed your degree at UiO. The report can not be issued until all results and confirmation of completion is registered at UiO. 

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