Why choose this programme option?

Our two-year interdisciplinary Master in Middle East Studies will give you a unique opportunity to develop your competence in contemporary Middle East studies in the fields of language, politics, societies, anthropology, history and literature.

Develop your skills

The MA in Middle East Studies will provide you with the opportunity to explore one of the world's most complicated and fascinating regions. Whether you plan to work in a Middle East-related field, or hope to become a scholar, the programme will equip you with the skills necessary to understand an area of crucial importance. To that end, you will be trained in the use of relevant theories and methodologies in the field of contemporary Middle East Studies. The programme option will involve active use of the languages of the region, and you will thus enhance your language skills.

Develop your understanding

You will engage in in-depth studies and analysis of topics that are crucial for understanding the contemporary Middle East, such as political and ideological developments, the cultural expressions and tensions produced by modernisation and globalisation, and the important, contested and diverse roles of religion.

Develop your competence

As a master student, you will be part of a dynamic research environment, and early in the first semester you will be assigned a personal tutor from among the research staff. Among our faculty you will find a unique community of scholars on the cutting edge of international research on issues such as political Islam, jihadism, Palestinian politics, Ottoman conceptual history, the political and legal history of modern Turkey, Christian minoritiesgender and sexuality, social media, digital culture, comparative literature and etymology, Iranian poetry, Turkish and Arabic socio-linguistics, combined with language expertise across the main languages of the region, Arabic, Turkish, and Persian.

Specialization Options:

You may choose to specialize in one of the following fields:

Middle East Politics and Society
Islamic Studies
Arabic Studies
Persian Studies
Turkish Studies

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