Programme structure

The course of study consists of a total of 120 ECTS credits.

Recommended course of study

4. semester MES4590 – Master Thesis in Middle East Studies
3. semester




Semester abroad
2. semester Compulsory courses  Elective course
1. semester MES4000 – Theory, Methodology and Project Description in Middle East- and South Asia Studies MES4110 – Readings of Middle Eastern Texts
  10 credits 10 credits 10 credits

The first two semesters builds the methodological and theoretical basis for independent work on your master's thesis.

First semester

Compulsory courses

Second semester

The student must choose three of the following courses:

Spring 2021 we strongly recommend MES4010 – Readings in Middle East Studies

It is possible to apply for recognition of 10 credits taken in other subjects when these can be seen as relevant for the candidate’s subject area for the dissertation. Contact the student advisor for more information. 

Third semester - thesis preparation

Choose one of the following 30 credit options:

  1. AMS4900 – International Project Term in Asia and the Middle East
  2. MES4020 – Field Work in the Middle East
    MES4610 – Voices from the Middle East: How to Communicate Research Results
  3. Semester abroad

Students should begin to reflect on a topic for their master thesis from day one. In the two last semesters (except if abroad), participation in monthly seminars for thesis writing is obligatory. All students are provided with a mentor at the beginning of the first semester and a thesis supervisor at the beginning of the second semester.

Fourth semester - thesis 

The thesis is to be an individual research work. It should normally be written on a topic chosen in cooperation with the supervisor. The thesis is normally written in English, alternatively in a Scandinavian language. Sources in Middle East languages should constitute at least 1/5 of the source material used.

Practical information for Master students at IKOS

On the department's web site you will find important information and relevant links for Master students at IKOS, especially concerning the Master's thesis.

Diploma and degree

The diploma is issued when you have completed the courses that meet the requirements for a degree. Read more about diplomas.

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