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Starting your studies

This page provides important information for students who have been admitted to the Master's Programme in Astronomy, in order to prepare for the semester start, as well as information about the orientation week and a compulsory information meeting for new students.


When you have accepted the offer of admission, you will be assigned a UiO username and password, if you do not already have these. With the UiO username and password you will have access to the student's online registration service, known as StudentWeb.

In StudentWeb you have to:

* As an alternative you can sign up for FYS4170 - Relativistic quantum field theory (only recommended if you are to write a thesis in theoretical cosmology).

** The course FYS4150 - Computational physics overlaps 100% with the course FYS3150 - Computational physics. If you have taken FYS3150 - Computational physics before starting your master's studies, the course can be included in the master's degree if it is not included in your bachelor's degree.

You will find more information about mandatory courses here.

***NOTE! Students in the Computational Science programme have a slightly different course combination. You can read more about it on Computational Science page.

If you have not already done so, you need to obtain a student ID card after you have registered and paid the semester fee. SiO Customer Service Centre issues the student ID card that can also be used as a key card. Once you have received the student card, you can apply for swipe-card access to the astrophysics building and the Study Room for students (located in the basement in the Astrophysics building).

General information about the student ID card and key card (UiO).

Courses that are not listed under recommended courses:

If you plan to register for other courses than those recommended, please contact the programme coordinator as soon as possible. A course not listed will have to be approved by the programme board if it is to be included in your Master's Degree. Please note that such a course may demand a different type of admission than the one obtained through the Master's Programme in Astronomy. More information can be found in this webpage, in Norwegian.

If you register for one of the recommended courses not listed in the study plan tables, you have to make sure that the course will not interfere with other courses you have registered for in the same semester.

AST5960 - Master's thesis

The course AST5960 will eventually appear in StudentWeb among your courses and exam messages. Do not delete this message; registration for this course is done manually by the study administration at the department. It means that you have been registered for a master's thesis corresponding to 60 credits that you will normally work on in the 3rd and 4th semester. The registration is valid as long as you are a student in the program (usually for 4 semesters) and ensures that you have an activity during the time you are not taking courses, but working on the Master’s thesis.

Starting the semester:

The first semester usually starts around mid-August. The first week is the orientation week (Buddy Week) with activities, registration, tours and social events. The Buddy Week for new students on the Master's programme in Astronomy is organised by the ITA student Council. Lectures commonly start the week after orientation week and the group classes/seminars start the week after the lectures have began.

You will find an overview of the academic year, including the start of the semester and holidays here.

Mandatory information meeting for new students in astronomy Master's programme:

Once you have accepted the letter of admission you will receive an e-mail with information about date, time and place for the mandatory information meeting for new master's students. At this meeting you will receive information about the Master's programme, how to apply for access to the Astrophysics building, work stations and access to computer terminals. This meeting will take place Tuesday 16th of August 2022, from 10:00-12:15 at the institute, and you will receive a more detailed e-mail two weeks ahead. After the meeting the ITA student council will give you a guided tour in the building.

Please follow the link below for more information about the Buddy week.

Visit the calendar of the upcoming information meetings at ITA.




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