Why choose this certificate

This Honours Certificate offers you the unique opportunity to develop interdisciplinary competence in environmental and climate change studies. It runs in parallel with your main Master programme, over two years. Through collaborative lectures, experimental seminars, and field excursions you will learn to better understand and address the environmental challenges of our times.

Urban beekeeping in Oslo. Photo: Siv Dolmen

From climate change and biodiversity loss to bio-accumulating toxins and emerging diseases, we are increasingly faced with challenges that are simultaneously social and environmental in nature. The Honours Certificate in Environmental Humanities and Sciences (EHS) will deepen your understanding of the complex relationships between humans and their environments in a rapidly changing world.

Environmental Humanities and Sciences is the first Master Honours Certificate to be offered in Norway with an interdisciplinary focus on environmental topics, based at the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities. It runs in parallel with your main Master Programme, over the course of two years. You will learn together with students from different disciplinary backgrounds, in small groups.

You should choose this certificate if you want to:

Better understand the environmental and climatic crisis

  • Explore the complex human dimensions of climate change and our current environmental crisis
  • Learn to approach environmental topics from multiple disciplinary perspectives
  • Understand the basics of climate change science and biodiversity loss in the Anthropocene
  • Train your capacity to engage with questions of environmental justice and ethics
  • Imagine and build socio-ecological transformations for a better future

Work across disciplines 

  • Learn from international scholars and experts in different fields of the environmental humanities and sciences
  • Get to know a diversity of ongoing environmental research across fields in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.
  • Work and engage with international scholars and students from different disciplines and backgrounds at UiO

Experience Place-Based Learning

  • Learn through field visits, place-based workshops outside campus, and direct input from environmental practitioners
  • Develop your own case studies of environmental research in interdisciplinary groups

Communicate environmental research to a broader audience

  • Get insights into the creative and arts-driven methods employed in the environmental humanities to engage with the environment and disseminate research results
  • Learn creative communication skills and modes of environmental storytelling
  • Tell your own environmental stories, no matter what disciplinary background you come from
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Published Mar. 30, 2020 12:09 PM - Last modified Sep. 3, 2021 6:25 PM