Career opportunities

A master's degree in Gender studies will give you the ability to work independently on central issues related to gender, feminism, gender equality, power and knowledge production. These issues are central if you want a profession for instance in teaching and research, public administration, NGOs, special interest organizations and culture.

Former students at work

  • Portrait photo, woman, smile, brown hair, colorful top Political adviser

    The most important thing I learned at the Faculty of Humanities is interdisciplinary thinking and the ability to look at an issue from more than one perspective, says Sara.

  • Portrait photo, woman, glasses, brown hair, long hair, green and white shirt, indoors Secretary/ expert group investigator

    “In my job it is important to enjoy writing, be able to accept feedback and understand theoretical and ideological nuances. That is where my background from HF comes in!” explains Ingvil.

Most relevant industries

Master’s graduates from the Faculty of Humanities work in these industries:

The graph: Education and school system 23 %; The arts 19 %; Media, publishing and communication 13 %; Public administration 10 %; Research and development 6 %; Special interest groups and NGOs 6 %; Business 5 %; Other industries 14 %. Source: UiO Candidate Survey 2018.

The term The arts* covers the following industries: Archive, library and museum sector and Arts, culture and creative industries.

The term Business* covers the following industries: IT, ICT, internet and telecom, Banking, finance and insurance, Consulting and business services and Oil, energy, power and gas.

Start developing your career

You can write your master's thesis in cooperation with an external partner. Through this you can get valuable contacts and network that can be useful when you apply for a job after graduation. You can also prepare for working life along the way by participating in career fairs, job search and interview workshops, and career counseling offered to students. Or you can learn what former students do by shadowing a STK alumni for a day at work.  

Further studies

Read more about reserarch training at the Faculty of Humanities: