Career opportunities

For health care managers, policy analysts and academic researchers, knowledge of multiple relevant disciplines and an international view and network are keys to understanding and solving the problems that health care systems and health care services are facing in the 21st century.

An international master degree is strongly supported by future employers in international organizations, hospitals and care organizations, governmental agencies, and research institutions.

International organizations

Organizations that work internationally like

  • pharmaceutical companies
  • aid organizations
  • health insurers
  • regulatory agencies
  • UN organizations

ask for highly and internationally trained staff in the fields of

  • health economics
  • policy analyses
  • health management

Hospitals and care organizations

Large hospitals and integrated care organizations anticipate a growing demand for employees who are explicitly trained in

  • EU policy and law

Governmental agencies

Ministries of Health and other governmental agencies anticipate the need for internationally trained staff

  • to govern and facilitate a possible integration of EU health care systems and services in the future.

Research institutions

Both commercial research organizations and universities are highly international in their scope and orientation.

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