Why choose this programme?

The programme offers a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary studies of methods and health economics, management, leadership, health policy, governance and law at European universities. Funded by Erasmus+ prestigious Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree, the best student candidates are awarded well funded scholarships. 

ProfessorTerje P. Hagen introduces the European Master in Health Economics and Management (the Eu-HEM programmme).
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Leading universities

The University of Oslo has developed the Eu-HEM programmme in cooperation with three other leading European universities:


Depending on your specialisation you have the opportunity to study at four top European universities. The programme offers specialisation within six fields ensuring a profound education:

Joint degree

Upon successful completion of the Eu-HEM, you will be awarded a degree and a joint diploma in European Master in Health Economics and Management, recognised by all four universities. The names of the national degrees differ, but will be described in the Joint Diploma Supplement.

The local titles:

  • In The Netherlands: Master of Science
  • In Austria: Master of Arts
  • In Italy: Laurea Magistrale
  • In Norway: Master of Philosophy

Career opportunities

An international master degree is strongly supported by future employers in international organizations, hospitals and care organizations, governmental agencies, and research institutions.

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