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Further studies

A master’s degree in human geography qualifies you to take a doctoral degree (PhD). As a doctoral candidate you are admitted to organized research training and are employed in a temporary position in order to produce your own doctoral thesis. For further details, see Doctoral degree at the Faculty of Social Sciences.


The master’s degree programme in human geography is aimed at providing students with academic expertise in the human geographic academic and research field.

Many human geographers work in national and international organizations that are concerned with globalization, development issues, human rights, development aid etc. The UN and diplomatic service also employ human geographers.

Human geographers with knowledge in areas such as municipal and regional development and town planning also work in various ministries, in other parts of the civil service and in local authorities.

Some human geographers work as social scientists in affiliation with various research groups and institutions.

The master’s degree programme in human geography is also a good starting point for those who want to pursue a career as an upper secondary school teacher. In this case, you also need to take the Teacher Training Programme (PPU) (in Norwegian).

For more information on the different types of jobs within public administration, consultancy, non-profit organizations, NGOs, and education and research, see UiOs career pages.

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