Semester abroad

As a Human Geography student, you can choose a semester abroad and study at a foreign university. This will expand your international competence and adaptability. 

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When should I go?

If you desire to study abroad, you should choose to write a 30-credit master’s thesis.

It is recommended that you exchange in the third semester. 

Plan your exchange in advance with an exchange tutor and get the most out of your semester abroad.

Book your counselling lesson today! (norwegian site)

Where should I go?

The choice is yours, and the program will specially recommend the following exchange agreements (all links norwegian sites).

Humboldt University, GermanyLocated in pulsating Berlin, a semester at Humboldt gives you an unique opportunity to expand your understanding of Human Geography.

The New School, USA - The New School is an untraditional university with a focus on multidisciplinary and forwardthinking research and teaching. You will study in small groups, in the middle of Manhattan in New York.

Learn more about the opportunity through this presentation held by Prof. Sakiko Fukuda-Parr in october 2018. PDF-presentation

Newcastle UniversityNewcastle University is one of the premier universities within Human Geography in Great Britain. The campus is located in idyllic surroundings right in the middle of downtown Newcastle.

Utrecht University, Netherlands - Study at one of the eldest and most renowned universities in Netherlands. Located 20 minutes from Amsterdam, and offering many great courses relating to Human Geography.

University of Melbourne, Australia - Pursue your interests at one of the eldest and best universities in Australia, while you experiene the incredible Melbourne atmosphere

University of British Columbia - The university is very highly ranked, and is placed a short trip outside of Vancouver, which is one of the top five cities in the world to live in. Experience the best of Canada while pursuing your academic interests.

Australian National University - Interested in asian studies? You will find few better options than Australian National University, one of the best universities in Australia, and located in the capital of Canberra. 

University of Cape Town, South Africa - In idyllic surroundings near Table Top Mountain, you will study at the premier African university. It is home to a vibrant, cosmopolitan community, with many international students and staff.

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands - Study at the hearth of Europe, at one of its premier institutions. This agreement is specifically tailored towards urban studies.

Prefer a different destination?

You should take a look at the exchange agreements at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography, which has several interesting exchange agreements (Norwegian site) specifically catered to human geography students.

UiO has many exciting exchange agreements (Norwegian site) globally that you can take advantage of. 


If you want your exchange semester recognized as part of your masters degree

You must adhere to the following criteria apply for course options in the exchange semester:

  1. The courses must be at master’s degree level.
  2. The courses must not overlap with other courses you have taken or will take as part of your degree.
  3. The courses must be theoretical courses in human geography (Master’s in human geography/Geography), or courses relevant to your own master’s thesis.
  4. Language courses are not recognized.

When you have been awarded a place through an exchange agreement:

  1. Start checking for courses you can take at the university you will attend.
  2. When you have decided what courses you want to take, submit an application for prior recognition. You need such recognition to confirm that the courses you intend to take abroad are academically relevant to the master’s degree.
  3. Send an email with the course code, name and the number of credits (ECTS, credits, units) and a brief course description to

If you wish to have exchange courses recognized as compulsory courses in your degree, you must enclose detailed information about the course you wish to take, such as the reading list and course description.

When you return at the end of your exchange stay:

  1. Submit a credit transfer of foreign education at the end of your stay so that credits can be transferred to your degree at UiO.


More information about exchange at UiO

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