Human Geography (master's two years)

All places –small or large, rich or poor, near or far– are unique yet connected to a multitude of other places at the same time. With a master in Human Geography you learn to understand the difference that place makes and how local and global processes intertwine and produce change around the world. Choose between four thematic specializations to meet your academic interests.

Tone works as an advisor at the Confederation for Norwegian Enterprise (NHO)

Career opportunities

  • Kristin Hansen Sustainability coordinator

    Kristin Hansen works as sustainability coordinator at Møre and Romsdal county, department for sustainable development.

  • Portrait photo of Sigurd Oland Nedrelid Special Adviser

    Sigurd Oland Nedrelid works as a special adviser at the Agency for Climate, City of Oslo.

  • Portrait photo of Erlend Finstad Project Engineer

    Erlend Sveen Finstad works as a project engineer at the Agency for Planning and Building Services (Plan- og bygningsetaten), City of Oslo.