Programme structure

The Master's Programme in International Community Health is a full-time two-year programme (4 semesters) taught entirely in English. 40 students, including international and Norwegian, are granted admission every August. The programme grants 120 credit points.

Programme structure

4 semester

INTHE4012 – Master Thesis, analyzing and writing thesis

3 semester

INTHE4012 – Master Thesis, fieldwork

2 semester

INTHE4006 – Literature Review and Research Question Seminar

INTHE4007 – Research Methodology

INTHE4008 – Research Ethics - introductory module in research ethics

Elective courses, 15 credits

1 semester

INTHE4000 – Theoretical Foundation (discontinued)

INTHE4004 – Research Methodology, part 1 (discontinued)


10 credits

10 credits

10 credits


In short the program consist of:

  • 1st semester: mandatory theoretical and methodological courses, with lectures every day from 9 am – 4 pm (30 credits). The course INTHE4007 – Research Methodology begins with teaching seminars in the first semester.
  • 2nd semester: mandatory courses in methodology, planning your master project, writing the research protocol and medical ethics including application for ethical clearance (15 credits) and elective courses where we recommend that studenst choose courses related to their research topic (15 credits)
  • 3rd semester: field work and collecting data (30 credits)
  • 4th semester: analysing collected data, writing the thesis and some mandatory lectures mostly in the beginning of the semester (30 credits)

Elective courses

Students must choose elective courses during the second semester adding up to 15 credits. The availability of elective courses is subject to change annually. Elective courses will be updated in December before the following spring semester. Students have the opportunity to choose from the following elective courses the program offers:

Students who find elective courses outside the program must get approval in order for the credits to count towards the 15 credits that consist of elective courses.

More elective courses at the Institute

The Institute of Health and Society offers elective courses for all master students. Students may apply to register for these, as well as apply to have them recognised as elective courses as part in their master’s degree.

These elective courses may be especially relevant for students at International Community Health:

Application for recognition of education/credit transfer

If you have courses from other institutions, you can apply for these to be included in your degree. Applications for recognition have to be submitted through the online form. Application deadlines are September 1st and February 1st.

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