Why choose this programme?

Digital technology and development is shaping the future of businesses models, organizations and society. This program will provide you with an in-depth understanding of digitalization of organizations, and the skills to lead digital business transformation.

Understanding technology has become part of a management responsibility similar to strategy, budgeting and organization. Digital and technological systems are today an integral part of the business, almost regardless of industry. Management and leadership skills and in-depth knowledge of IT solutions is becoming increasingly important.

The Master's programme in Informatics: digital economics and management deals with the interaction between advanced technical solutions and business innovation and you will learn how digitalization is changing business models and organizations. 

The programme gives you solid knowledge in business management and the complexity of digital processes in a company or an organization. You gain analytical skills while learning to take responsibility for managing digitalization processes, in the role of bridging business and digital technology.

You can choose between two different specializations: 

  • Digital ecosystems
  • Business

With a specialization in digital ecosystems, you delve into the depths of information systems and IT management. In business you will have an extra focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. Regardless of which specialization you choose, you will be able to put together a theoretical syllabus and choose the topic of your master's thesis based on your own professional interests.

You will also become part of a research environment working across disciplines in informatics, economics and business development. Collaborating with other Master's students with different academic backgrounds can give you new perspectives in your own field of study.

Study environment

Before the classes starts in August, we welcome you to three days of compulsory teaching and various social events. Take the opportunity to become acquainted with fellow students academically and socially, get more information about your study program, topics, research and how to choose your master's thesis.

There are several social and professional gatherings along the way, and you can also get involved in the student association called Digitus, which among other things arranges professional and social gatherings for the students on the program. You can also choose between more than 200 student societies at the university.

Career opportunities and further studies

In addition to gaining solid knowledge in informatics and digital economics and management, you will have acquired significant training in analytical methods and thinking. You will also have the knowledge to lead multidisciplinary teams in digital development and change processes.

Industries are being digitized and automated, and through the study you gain skills that are in great demand in a number of companies. Informatics work in private business, the public sector or in other types of organizations, and the master's programme opens up many different career paths.

Read more about career opportunities and further studies.

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Published Apr. 10, 2019 3:38 PM - Last modified Sep. 14, 2021 1:20 PM