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Start of studies for digital economics and leadership

Welcome to the Master's in Digital Economics and Leadership!

We look forward to greeting you all at the Orientation meeting 18 August at 9:15 in room Caml.

The deadline for course enrolment is 19 August.

Lectures will commence Monday 23 August.

Greetings from the programme manager

Bildet kan inneholde: hvitkrage-arbeider, business.
Bendik Bygstad, programleder

The master's programme in Informatics: Digital Economics and Leadership explors the interplay between high tech solutions and business innovation. You will gain a deep understandig of technology, while simultaneously learning how digitalisation changes business models and organisations. 

The programme gives you insight into business managament and an overview of the enirety and complecity of digital processes in businesses or organisations. You will develop analytical skills while learning how to manage digitalisation processes, taking on the role as bridge builder between business and digital technology. 

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Selecting courses 2021

You can choose between two specializations:

Research group

Start of studies events

Please note that the program is being updated continuously!

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Important dates

  • July 15th – Final deadline for accepting your offer in Søknadsweb
  • August 18th – Start of introduction week (August 18th-20th) for all new master’s students.
  • August 19th – Deadline for elective course registration.
  • August 23th – First lectures.
  • September 1st – Deadline for paying the semester fee and registering in Studentweb.