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Selected program requirements (visible to UiO employees only)

Required specialization

Bachelor's degree

You must have a bachelor’s degree comparable to a Norwegian bachelor’s degree.

Required specialization and minimum grade requirement

You must have a minimum grade average comparable to a Norwegian C in the required specialization. A Norwegian C is described as a good grade, generally comparable to an American B and a Second Class Upper in the British system. We do not use conversion tables for foreign grades. All foreign education is individually evaluated during the admission process.

Please note that eligible applicants who fulfill the minimum grade requirement will compete for a study place. Please see the section on ranking for more information on selection criteria.

You must fulfill at least one of the two required specializations:

1: A specialization of at least 80 ECTS credits in English, equivalent in level to the credits required in the bachelor's degree in English at the University of Oslo.

Examples of such majors offered by The University of Oslo include:

  • Nord-Amerika-studier (80NORAM)
  • Nord-Amerika-studier (90NORAM)
  • Nord-Amerika-studier (80OMR-NORAM)
  • Engelsk (80ENG)
  • Engelskspråklig litteratur (80ENGL)
  • Engelsk litteratur 2 (80ENGL2)
  • Engelskspråklig litteratur for estetikkprogrammet (80ENGL3)
  • English, intermediate subject (mellomfag), with a grade of minimum 2,7 (90 ECTS)

2: A specialization equivalent to 80 ECTS in one of the following disciplines:

History, philosophy, history of ideas, sociology, human geography, anthropology, interdisciplinary gender studies, media science, political science, or comparative literature.

  • In addition, you must have 40 ECTS in English (this includes NORAM courses), and at least 10 ECTS of the 40 ECTS in English must be in English Language.

Courses in English counted in the admissions requirement must be at a theoretical level equal to the CEFR level B2 or higher. Basic English, or practical courses such as, but not limited to, business English, translation or creative writing, will normally not be counted towards the required 80 or 40 ECTS.

Ranking of applicants

Selection is based on your academic performance in the required subjects for this programme.

Applicants are ranked

  • either according to the grade average in their major in English
  • or according to their grade average on the basis of 80 credits as follows:
    • 40 ECTS English courses
    • the best grades in the major, amounting to 40 ECTS

Applicants who cannot be ranked according to their grade average, will be ranked on the basis of an individual assessment.