Programme structure

The study programme consists of 60 ECTS credits of theoretical curriculum and a master's thesis of 60 ECTS. Please see the programme page for general structure and requirements.

The study programme has three specializations

  • High energy theoretical physics
  • Low energy theoretical physics
  • Condensed matter physics

Mandatory courses all students

You must select at least two of the following courses. The list below shows which are relevant for which specialization:

High energy theoretical physics: recommended courses

Low energy theoretical physics: recommended courses

Condensed matter physics: recommended courses

Other relevant courses

Numerical calculations are an important part of our research. The following courses will therefore be useful when working on the master's thesis.

Other courses might also be relevant for you. Please discuss options with either your supervisor or your contact person.

Study abroad

You can take parts of your master abroad. We recommend studies abroad in your 2nd or 3rd semester. See more information regarding study abroad on the general programme page.

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