Programme structure

The structure of the programme option depends on whether you want a long Master's thesis of 60 ECTS credits, or a short thesis of 30 ECTS credits. It is most common to choose a long Master's thesis.

Course of study

Example with long Master's thesis:

4. semester Master's thesis Master's thesis Master's thesis
3. semester Master's thesis Master's thesis Course
2. semester Master's thesis Course Course
1. semester Course Course Course
  10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS cerdits 10 ECTS credits


You must take courses that together account for 60 or 90 ECTS credits, depending on whether you choose a long or short Master's thesis. It is recommended that the mandatory courses are taken as early as possible in the programme, preferably in the first semester.

If you take a long Master's thesis, at least 40 ECTS credits must be within statistics. The other courses may be from other fields, such as mathematics or computer science.

If you take a short Master's thesis, at least 50 ECTS credits must be within statistics. You take courses the first three semesters, while the Master's thesis is completed in the last semester.

The choice of master's courses is done in consultion with your supervisor, please see a list of courses.

Mandatory courses:

The following course is highly recommended and you should take the course as soon as possible as it is taught according to demand and resources:

Master's thesis

During the first semester you will establish contact with a supervisor and tentatively agree on a topic for Your Master's thesis.

The Department of Mathematic's deadlines for master studies.

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