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Registration for courses and examinations in Studentweb

This guide is for those who have been admitted to a study programme at the University of Oslo and will apply for a place on courses within the education plan in Studentweb.

1. Find out which courses you intend to take this semester. If the courses have several seminars or groups, find out which ones you will choose. Make sure that the seminars / groups or examination dates do not collide with each other.

2. Log in to Studentweb.

  • either with your UiO username and password (Feide). Read about how to find your username and set a password.
  • or with the ID portal – a secure login solution using electronic identification from MinID, BankID, Buypass and Commfides. In order to use the ID portal you must have a Norwegian ID number or a D-number.

3. Click on the large green button 'Start registration'.

Start registration

4. When you start registration, you will come to a series of registrations, which includes the education plan with courses.

Registration sequence

5. The education plan opens for the current semester. In many study programmes, there are already courses in the education plan. Apply for courses and register for examinations when the application has been processed. See more at Course registration deadlines.

Course in education plan

6. If you want to select other courses, scroll down until you find the course group or group of courses where you can select the course. Click the 'Add' button for the course you want to add to the education plan.

Add course in education plan

Cannot find the course you want to apply for? See if you can find the course under another semester. If you are well underway with the study programme, you can also try selecting "Show previous semesters".

7. You will come to a step-by-step series of registrations to apply for a place on the course and possibly sign up for the examination, a registration sequence. Make the choices and finish. For some courses you can register for the examination immediately, while for others you must first apply for a place and then wait for the answer. See more about the dates on Course registration deadlines.

Course sequence

Is the "Next" button missing or not green? Sometimes switching browsers from Safari or logging out and in again to Studentweb can help.

8. The course has now been included in the education plan. You can now add more courses.

9. Complete the registration sequence. You will get a confirmation at the end of the sequence.

Confirmation of sequence

10. If you log in to Studentweb again later in the semester, you can find the education plan via the menu option "Studies".

Find education plan later

11. If you need help, contact the Faculty Information Centres.

Published July 20, 2022 1:34 PM - Last modified July 21, 2022 3:34 PM