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Criteria for being assigned a new seminar group at ILN

If you want to change your seminar group, you should first try to do so in StudentWeb.

If the the groups you want to change to are full, it may be possible to apply for a new group.

You can apply if you satisfy both of the following criteria:

  • You haven't been assigned to any of the three groups that you initially chose.
  • You have been assigned a group which is in collision with mandatory classes of another course.

You may apply, but are not guaranteed to be assigned another group if you were assigned one of the groups you initially chose in StudentWeb, even though it may be in collision with mandatory classes of another course.

How to apply?

You apply for changing your seminar group by clicking on the link below (log in using your user name and password)

Apply for a group change


 August, 26. 

How and when do I get an answer?

If we manage to move you before the classes start, you can see if you have been granted a class change by Friday August, 26. After this date we will send you an e-mail if we move you to another class.

Published Mar. 16, 2016 10:50 AM - Last modified June 3, 2022 2:46 PM