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Change of seminar group for courses at bachelor level

You can apply for a change of seminar group or you can try to change your seminar group in Studentweb.

How to apply for a change of seminar group

You must submit the online form. Please note that this form is only for bachelor level courses at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Application form (opens June 14th)

Application deadline:

  • 29 August (we encourage you to apply as early as possible)

How is your application assessed?

You are not guaranteed a change of seminar group. When assessing your application, we take into consideration if you:

  1. Did not get any of the three groups you prioritized in Studentweb.
  2. Have been placed in a group which collides with teaching in a course in your recommended study plan.

When and how will you get your answer?

  • You receive a response to your UiO-email as soon as possible, 6 September at the latest.

Change from seminar group to no seminar, or from no seminar to seminar group?

  • In some courses you can choose if you want to attend seminars or not. You will find information about whether this is an option on the course page under "Teaching". Example: PSY1200.
  • If you wish to apply for change from seminar group to no seminar (seminar 99), or the opposite, you must also submit the online form or change the group in Studentweb.
  • Whether your application is granted will depend on capacity.
  • Please be aware that the no seminar-option may require that you complete other compulsory activities. You will find information about compulsory activities on the course page.

Absence from compulsory activities

  • Read the information about compulsory activities on the course page under the heading “Teaching”.
  • If the seminar teaching starts before you receive a response to your application, you have to meet to the seminar you are registered on.
  • If you do not complete and pass the compulsory activities, you are not permitted to take the exam.

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