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Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

In LINK’s programme of courses for academic staff at UiO, we pose basic questions about what characterizes good education and good teaching at this level. The courses are based on university pedagogical and didactic research and draw on the rich professional competence that participants bring with them into the programme.

The programme has been prepared in accordance with UiO's regulations and requirements for basic university pedagogical competence.

Programme structure

The university pedagogy programme for academic staff at the University of Oslo consists of a series of courses:

  • Introductory Module on University Pedagogy (120 hours)
  • Elective module/s (one large of 30 hours or two small of 15 hours each)
  • Development work for university pedagogy (50 hours)
  • Faculty module can be arranged in cooperation between LINK and a faculty (15-30 hours calculated as an edition to a small elective module or instead of it)

The aim of the programme

This program aims to contribute to a culture of continuous development of teaching and learning at the University of Oslo.

Through activity varieties, you can increase your awareness of how teaching approaches influence the development of student learning. The programme also invites reflection on your teaching experiences and provides opportunities to try out innovative approaches.

The Introductory Module on University Pedagogy

The aim of the Introductory Module on University Pedagogy (120 hours) for academic staff is to support you in advancing your pedagogical knowledge and using this knowledge in your regular teaching activities. The course intends to provide you with a vocabulary for understanding teaching and learning in higher education; engage you in developing and enacting new ways of teaching; give you a safe environment to reflect on and discuss teaching experiences. You will also complete the first draft of your Teaching Philosophy, which will qualify you for permanent positions or promotion in line with the UiO’s guidelines.

Elective Modules

You can choose to take a large (30 hours) module or two small (15 hours) modules. The modules invite you to specialise in selected topics such as:

  • research supervision 
  • teaching critical reflection 
  • assessment and examinations

Please note: The elective modules build on the required introductory module. Each of the elective modules gives you the chance to write and receive feedback on multiple versions of the draft Teaching Philosophy you are expected to complete in the Introductory Module on University Pedagogy.

The courses on offer vary each semester, and some courses alternate between Norwegian and English language. For more information, please confer the course calendar.  

Development work for university pedagogy

The course in Development work for university pedagogy (50 hours) provides you with an opportunity to engage in ongoing development initiatives at your own department or faculty. 

Faculty Module

There are times when a faculty arranges a module for you to work on an individually tailored topic (15 to 30 hours). Such a module is treated as a part of the teaching program either in addition to or instead of elective modules, with the number of hours agreed upon depending on the project. Please check directly with your faculty if they can arrange this for you. 


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Practical information

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Here you will also find practical guidelines before and after the application procedure, information about course fees, certificates for completion of each course, and application deadlines.