The entrainment of body rhythms with music / for music (Marc Leman, Ghent University)

In connection with RITMO International Motion Capture Workshop, Marc Leman will hold the lecture The entrainment of body rhythms with music / for music. The lecture is open for all.

Marc Leman

Marc Leman


The entrainment of body rhythms with music / for music
Marc Leman, Ghent University

In this keynote I give an overview of studies realized at IPEM in the domain of music and body rhythms. In particular, I address the question how music can entrain body rhythms, such as in dancing and conducting but above all in walking and running. This overview is organized along three challenges. The first challenge is concerned with the question how body rhythms can be captured, especially when body rhythms are studied outside the laboratory. This is illustrated with some video excerpts that ultimately resulted in a music-body rhythm entrainment tool called D-Jogger. The second challenge, parallel with the first, is concerned with the question of the mechanisms behind entrainment. Using D-Jogger, it was possible to get a deeper insight in behavioral alignment strategies for entrainment. Our newest findings reveal that human body rhythms (walking, running) can be manipulated with music in a remarkable consistent way that copes with the predictive coding theory. The third challenge is concerned with finding good applications where we can demonstrate that D-Jogger was useful for society. Meanwhile we have results with the manipulation of walking in Parkinson disease patients and in patients with multiple sclerosis. We currently co-conduct a large intervention study in the domain of sports where D-Jogger is used in combination with new sonification strategies involving reinforcement learning based on punishment and reward. Taken together, the work at IPEM might have contributed to some new ideas in the domain of kinematic music-based bio-feedback systems - a principle which we are currently extending towards a more multimodal perspective.

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