Thematic Workshop: Surprise

RITMO members and guests present the fourth installment of the Thematic Workshop series, on the subject of 'surprise'. The workshop is organized by the Interaction & Pleasure research cluster at RITMO.

Many people facing a stage with their hands up at a concert. The stage is obscured with a blinding light.

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The concept behind the Thematic Workshops is to take a word or concept that many of us use in sometimes quite different ways, and to unpack what that word means within different disciplinary contexts. For this installment, we have eight 10-minute presentations, followed by an open discussion.


This workshop will be in hybrid format, meaning you can choose to join us via Zoom or in person. Registration for physical attendance is no longer necessary. The workshop takes place in Auditorium 4 in Harald Schjelderups Hus.


12:30 Brief Introduction: Laura Bishop (RITMO Centre, University of Oslo)

Geraint Wiggins (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Queen Mary University of London)

Bruno Laeng (RITMO Centre, University of Oslo)
Chris Stover (Griffith University; RITMO Centre, University of Oslo)
Finn Upham (RITMO Centre, University of Oslo)
13:20 (Short break)
13:30 Rolf Inge Godøy (RITMO Centre, University of Oslo)
Jonna Vuoskoski (RITMO Centre, University of Oslo)

Olga Asko (RITMO Centre, University of Oslo)

Dan DiPiero (The Ohio State University)

14:10 General discussion

Workshop convenors

Laura Bishop is a Postdoctoral Fellow at RITMO and Principal Investigator of an Austrian Science Fund project on togetherness in music ensemble performance. Her research focuses on expressive body-based interaction in music ensembles, attention during music performance, and collaborative musical creativity.

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