PECOS4031 – Thesis seminar 1, history track

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PECOS4031 - Thesis Seminar 1 consists of both individual supervision and an information Meeting held at the beginning of 3rd term. The information meeting will be together with the students who follow the track in political science.

At this information meeting, we will tell you about the rights and obligations in the supervision relationship, and the supervision contract will be signed.

Registration takes place in the Studentweb, and the first semester you will receive supervision you shall sign up for PECOS4031 – Thesis seminar 1, history track, PECOS4095 – Master's Thesis - History track, HIS4031 – Project seminar, master thesis, and an optional course or PECOS4006 – Internship. You will find information regarding how to apply for a supervisor here

Learning outcome

The aim of the last part of the master study is to help you complete an academic analysis. Through counseling seminars, you can discuss all aspects of the research process, and you will get advice and tips about how to organize your work.

The course is intended to support your work with the thesis. Both plenary sessions and individual supervision are arenas for constructive criticism and discussion of research questions.


Students who are admitted to study programmes at UiO must each semester register which courses and exams they wish to sign up for in Studentweb.

If you are not already enrolled as a student at UiO, please see our information about admission requirements and procedures.

The course is restricted to students that follows the political science track at the Peace and Conflict Studies (master's two years).


Formal prerequisite knowledge

PECOS4021 – Research Methods and HIS4011 – Historiography and Historical Theory: Accounting for change and continuity (continued) or equivalent must be passed in order to be assigned a supervisor.


Together with the Departement of Political Science, the Department will invite you to information Meetings at the start of the 3rd and 4th term. Participation at information Meetings is not mandatory, but we expect you to be there. Responding to inquiries regarding information communicated at joint meetings is not prioritized.

Information Meeting 2

Held at the beginning of the 3rd term (nominal). There will be information about the rights and obligations in the supervision relationship, and the supervision contract will be signed.

Information Meeting 3

Held at the beginning of the 4th term (nominal). 1-2 weeks after the meeting, you also have to submit a progress report. Submission of the progress report is mandatory and is required in order to continue receiving supervision in the 4th and last semester.

Access to teaching

A student who has completed compulsory instruction and coursework and has had these approved, is not entitled to repeat that instruction and coursework. A student who has been admitted to a course, but who has not completed compulsory instruction and coursework or had these approved, is entitled to repeat that instruction and coursework, depending on available capacity.


Examination support material

No examination support material is allowed.

Language of examination

You may submit your response in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English. If you would prefer to have the exam text in English, you may apply to the course administrators.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

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Special examination arrangements

Application form, deadline and requirements for special examination arrangements.

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