PECOS4041 – Thesis seminar 2, history track

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PECOS4041 - Thesis Seminar 2 consists of both individual supervision and a joint session held at the beginning of the 4th term. At this information meeting, which is together with the students who follow the Political Science track, we will tell you about how to finish your thesis on time.

You also have to submit a progress report. Submission of the progress report is mandatory and is required in order to continue receiving supervision in the 4th and last semester. Registration takes place in the Studentweb, and the second semester you will receive supervision you shall sign up for PECOS4041 – Thesis seminar 2, history track and PECOS4095 – Master's Thesis - History track.

Learning outcome

The aim of the last part of the master study is to help you complete an academic analysis. Through counseling seminars, you can discuss all aspects of the research process, and you will get advice and tips about how to organize your work.

The course is intended to support your work with the thesis. Both plenary sessions and individual supervision are arenas for constructive criticism and discussion of research questions.


The course is restricted to students that follow the political science track of the Peace and Conflict Studies (master's two years).


Formal prerequisite knowledge

PECOS4021 – Research Methods and HIS4011 – Historiography and Historical Theory: Accounting for change and continuity (continued) or equivalent must be passed in order to be assigned a supervisor.


Together with the Department of Political Science, the Department will invite you to an information meeting at the start of the 4th semester.

Participation at information meetings is not mandatory, but we expect you to be there. Responding to inquiries regarding information communicated at joint meetings is not prioritized.

Information Meeting 3
Held at the beginning of the 4th term (nominal).


PECOS4095 - The Master's Thesis must be submitted within the deadline which is specified in the supervision agreement. If the thesis is not submitted within the deadline, you have to submit a final report in order to pass the second part of the thesis seminar.

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