KIN4593 – Master's Thesis in Chinese Society and Politics

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The Master’s thesis should be a scientific investigation of a theoretical or empirical kind; it represents an independent piece of research, carried out under supervision. The research question should be precisely defined, the method well founded and the argumentation systematically presented.

The subject and research topic for the thesis may be chosen from a wide range of topics associated with contemporary Chinese society and politics, and is chosen in cooperation with the supervisor. Supervision is compulsory.

The thesis should be about 35 to 50 pages (2300 characters per page, excluding spaces, excluding list of references), and at least 20 percent of the bibliography should consist of publications in Chinese. 

Learning outcome

  • The writing of the thesis provides students with training in developing research projects from original idea to fully completed research report in the form of a Master’s thesis.
  • An aim of the thesis work is also to develop the students’ ability to critically and independently assess source material in accordance with relevant theories.


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Academic supervision of the master’s thesis is compulsory. Up to 9 hours of individual supervision will be given. Supervisors will be assigned by the department. 


The Master's thesis is to be handed in by 1 December in the Autumn semester and 1 June in the Spring semester. 

Guidelines for submission of a Master's Thesis at IKOS.

In addition, if you have taken a double master degree at Zhejiang University and have not attended the EAST4610 – Voices from East Asia: How to Communicate Research Results course at UiO you can under the guidance of your supervisor upload a summary of their thesis topic to the Voices from East Asia-blog.

Submit assignments in Inspera

You submit your assignment in the digital examination system Inspera. Read about how to submit assignments in Inspera.

Use of sources and citation

You should familiarize yourself with the rules that apply to the use of sources and citations. If you violate the rules, you may be suspected of cheating/attempted cheating.

Language of examination

You can write your thesis in English (recommended) or a Scandinavian language.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

Explanations and appeals

Withdrawal from an examination

A master’s thesis that is not passed may be resubmitted only once, and then within the agreed time and in revised form. A master’s thesis that is passed may not be resubmitted in revised form.

If you withdraw from the exam after the deadline, this will be counted as an examination attempt.

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