Semesterside for IRSK2303 - Vår 2012

Ad lecture 25. April: we will discuss the Dream of Macsen and the Dream of Óengus, and start looking at the hero's birth in the tales we have read.

20. apr. 2012 13:43

18. april: The lecture will concentrate on The Mabinogi-tales 'Manawydan son of LLyr' and 'Math son of Matonwy' which should be read aforehand.

15. apr. 2012 16:31

NB! There will be a lecture Wednesday March 11. We will discuss 'The hero outside the tribe' and the material/texts should be collected in the dep.'s office ground floor in Henrik Wergeland hus. The office is open from 12.30 - 15 ewvery day (also the three first days of Easter week). The qualification papers will also be discussed and given back.

28. mars 2012 20:02