Tema våren 2018: Recent developments in syntactic and semantic theory

Kort om emnet / Course content

This course focuses on recent developments in theoretical syntax and semantics within the generative framework, with a particular emphasis on [i.] current research questions in theoretical syntax, [ii.] interfaces between fields of research (such as the syntax-semantics interface), [iii.] comparative syntax / cross-linguistic comparison, and [iv.] the biological/cognitive foundations of natural language (biolinguistics). The course content will be based on selected articles from four recent and representative handbooks in theoretical linguistics, which we will be discussing and critically evaluating. A particular focus will be placed on different empirical phenomena, and how they can best be approached/explained from the perspective of present-day theory.


Hva lærer du? / Learning outcome

This course provides students with an overview and a deeper understanding of current research in syntax, semantics, and the syntax-semantics interface, focusing on the empirical phenomena that theoretical linguists aim to account for. Students learn to actively formulate and pursue research questions in these areas and investigate empirical phenomena in the light of current theories in the generative framework. Throughout the semester, students work on an independent research project (to be formulated over the course of the first weeks) that cumulates in a 10-page term paper (semesteroppgave) to be submitted at the end of the semester. The expectation is that students independently explore relevant empirical data (e.g. by applying corpus-linguistic methods with guidance from the instructors) and interpret the theoretical consequences of their findings.

Publisert 13. nov. 2017 09:58 - Sist endret 13. nov. 2017 09:58