KRIM2954 – Cultural and Narrative Criminology

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The course provides a basic introduction to cultural and narrative criminology, neutralization theory, and studies of crime, war and social harm inspired by discourse- and narrative analysis. It discusses links between the different traditions and the background in social constructivist theory and methodological influences from the humanities.

Learning outcome


At the end of the course, you will have obtained knowledge of the most central questions and positions in contemporary debates about cultural and narrative criminology and have received new insights into the following:

  • What is the link between cultural objects such as film, music and crime?
  • What kind of language motivates terrorism and mass killings, and what are possible counter-narratives?
  • How is war justified, and what are the similarities to the justification of other social harms?
  • What are the stories of violence, both in the street and in private relationships?
  • How are crimes accounted for by offenders?
  • What is the link between stories of harm and harmful practice?
  • How are discourse and narrative analysis done?


Students will:

  • learn to interpret, analyze and critically discuss scholarly texts and cultural representations with a view to their possible implications for social and political practices;
  • learn to interpret and analyze a variety of qualitative data including pictures, films, media texts, political rhetoric, social movement framing, and offenders self-presentations.                    


Students will:

  • enhance their capability to question and discuss urgent and sensitive aspects of contemporary social and political realities through the lenses of social-constructivist theory.
  • enhance their capability to formulate and reflect on their own ideas of the causes of crime, social harm, war, terrorism and violence


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