Learning outcomes - JUS5690

Learning Outcomes for master’s level (10 credits):

Learning outcome


  • Overview of key regulatory issues raised by emerging developments in robotics, including autonomous vehicles, autonomous weapons, human-robot interaction, and cyborgs.
  • Knowledge of how the law regulates robots and cyber-physical systems with respect to safety and regulatory oversight, liability, privacy and security
  • Knowledge of regulatory issues raised by artificial intelligence, including discrimination, transparency, privacy, use for law enforcement and copyright protection.
  • Good knowledge of a specific sub-set of regulatory issues in a focus area selected by student groups in agreement with the teacher.


  • Ability to discuss regulatory issues in light of ethical, gender and technical perspectives in robotics.
  • Ability to reflect over the need for regulation of robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • Ability to participate in policy debates about emerging issues in robotics and their regulation at domestic, European and international Level.

General competence

  • Understanding how the emergence of robotics may affect society, including in sectors such as transport, health, employment, and public security.
  • Understanding of weaknesses and strengths of regulation, and its effect on innovation.
  • Development of oral presentation skills.

Reading list in Leganto

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