Semesterside for FYS5310 - Vår 2017

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the course FYS5310/9320 Electron Microscopy, Electron Diffraction and Spectroscopy II.

We will start classes Wednesday this week at 14:15.

All teaching will take place in SMNs meeting room "Agora" in Forskningsparken unless otherwise stated. Lectures will be every week on Thursdays 12.15-14, while on Wednesdays 12.15-16 we will have lab and colloquia. This will not be every week, more like every third, I will post and frequently update a schedule on the webpage, and also notify you by email. You should probably not schedule any recurring meetings during this time.

The main textbook for the course is the textbook of Fultz and Howe, with additional reading in the ones by Williams & Carter, Egerton, plus various other things that will be published on the webpage. All of these textbooks can be found online if you are on the UiO network. There are links on the right hand side of this webpage.

That's it for...

16. jan. 2017 09:51