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Optical theory related to the penetration of light in water, based on solutions of the Equation of Radiative Transfer, including special cases like the Gershun Equation, the Bouguer-Lambert Law and Beer's Law. Inherent optical properties of pure seawater, marine particles and dissolved substances, and the resulting apparent optical properties. Methods of measurement.

Learning outcome

You will be able to estimate and calculate the penetration of daylight into the sea when the inherent optical properties of the sea are known, and be able to determine the same optical properties from measurements. You will also be introduced to the method for estimating the optical properties from remote sensing.


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10 ECTS points against GF 363.


Colloquia or self-tuition corresponding to 3 hours per week. 3 obligatory exercises (February-March-April).


Final oral examination which counts 100%. Letter grades (A-F).

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