WELCOME to the First Lecture: 09:15 on 20.01.2022. Digital teaching via Zoom

Please find the time and digital teaching information

Time: 9:15-12:00 

Date: 20.01.2022 (Thursday)

Digital teaching via Zoom: Please click this link to Zoom meeting room 

Meeting ID: 661 5711 8103

Passcode: 123456

When the situation allows, we may later use physical teaching in the Room: Shell

Detailed course information: please click to find more detailed course information


Note: course is also open for PhD students. Course Code: IN9410

IN5410 has the following features

  • Guest lectures from the invited experts from industry (Green Mountain, Statnett, Rejlers, Elvia, Energi Norge, DNV GL , Powel) 
  • Guest lectures from the world-leading scientists in both energy domain and ICT domain
  • Understand energy systems basics
  • Computer Science techniques to solve energy issues
  • Project assignment from real situation, e.g., different machine learning for wind energy forecasting

First lecture brief information

WELCOME to the first lecture of IN5410/IN9410!

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