This course is replaced by IN5000 – Qualitative Research Methods.


DatoUndervises avStedTemaKommentarer / ressurser
25.08.2008Sisse Finken  Lille auditorium, IFI  Introduction to the course and qualitative research  Mandatory: Chap. 1 in the Sage Handbook

Additional: Latour (1999) 

01.09.2008Sisse Finken  Lille auditorium , IFI  Overview of the field + intro to categories like positivist, interpretive, critical research  Mandatory: Intro to part II + Chap. 8 in the Sage Handbook

Myers (living version): Qualitative Research in Information Systems

Additionals: Myers & Avison (2002); Silverman (1998) 

08.09.2008Sisse Finken. Guest lecture by Gisle Hannemyr.  Lille auditorium, IFI  Internet research + legal aspects of field research  Mandatory: Chap. 31 in the Sage Handbook

Additional: Guimarães Jr (2005); Brown & Bell (2004)

Guest Lecture by Gisle Hannemyr on legal aspects of field work and internet research.

Presentation by Josè, Cato, Thorbjørn and Desalegn (group 1)

Submit exercise I 

15.09.2008Sisse Finken  Lille auditorium, IFI  Conducting fieldwork. Generating material part 1. Observation, interview, fieldnotes, documents  Mandatory: Intro to part IV + Chap. 27 and 28 in the Sage Handbook

Blomberg et al. (1993)

Additionals: Gaver, Dunne, Pacenti (1999); Crang & Cook (2007) "Interviewing".

Presentation by Jo, Øyvind, Ingrid Elise and Jørgen (group 2)

Submit exercise II. Feedback on exercise I 

22.09.2008Sisse Finken. Guest lecture by Knut Hegna.  Lille auditorium, IFI  Conducting fieldwork. Generating material part 2. Photographs, audio and video  Mandatory: Chap. 29 in the Sage Handbook

Suchman and Trigg (1991)

Additional: Crang & Cook (2007) "Filmic Approaches"

Guest lecture by Knut Hegna, Senior academic librarian, "How does an article take form? - approaching a topic, searching for sources". From 14:30-15:30.

Presentation by Guro, Tone, Trond and Tor-Erik (group 3)

Submit exercise III. Feedback on exercise II 

29.09.2008Sisse Finken. Maja van der Velden.  Lille auditorium, IFI  Ethnography  Mandatory: Intro to part III + Chap. 18 and 44 in the Sage Handbook

Forsythe (1999)

Additionals: Chap. 16 + 21 in the Sage Handbook; Geertz (1972); Hughes, King, Rodden & Andersen (1994); Bardram & Bossen (2005); Harper (2000); Schultze (2000)

Movie: Kitchen Stories by Bent Hamer.

Presentation by Irena, Nina, Heide and Leif Arne (group 4)

Submit exercise IV. Feedback on exercise III 

06.10.2008Sisse Finken  Lille auditorium, IFI  No lecture  Work on your project proposals 
13.10.2008Sisse Finken  Lille auditorium, IFI  Case Studies  Mandatory: Chap. 17 in the Sage Handbook

Flyvbjerg (2006)

Additionals: Walsham (2006, Walsham (2002); Walsham & Sahay (1999)

Submit 1st version of RP (minimum 2 pages, max. 5 pages). Feedback on exercise IV 

20.10.2008Sisse Finken.  Lille auditorium, IFI  Grounded Theory  Mandatory: Chap. 20 in the Sage Handbook

Thoresen (1999)

Additionals: Strauss, Fagerhaugh, Suczek & Wiener (1985); Emerson, Fretz & Shaw (1995)

Feedback on RP1

Midterm evaluation of the course 

27.10.2008Sisse Finken  Lille auditorium, IFI  Participatory Action Research  Mandatory: Chap. 23 in the Sage Handbook

Avison, Lau, Myers & Nielsen(1999)

Additionals: Baskervill & Wood-Harper (2002); Checkland & Holwell (1998); Kalleberg (1992)

Presentation by Eduard, Karsten and Jørgen (group 6) 

03.11.2008Sisse Finken  Lille auditorium, IFI  Analyzing data + quality in qualitative research  Mandatory: Chap. 32 + 34 in the Sage Handbook

Additionals: Lee & Baskerville (2003); Klein & Myers (1999)

Submit 2nd version of RP (minimum 5 pages, max. 10 pages) 

10.11.2008Sisse Finken  Visningsrommet, Forskningsparken  Writing it up, representation, positioning the researcher, how to structure written work.  Mandatory: Chap. 38 in the Sage Handbook

Additional: Chap. 36 + 42 in the Sage Handbook; Sørensen (revised version of 2002)

Movie: Representation and the Media featuring Stuart Hall

Feedback on RP2 

17.11.2008Sisse Finken    No lecture  Work on your project proposals 
21.11.2008Sisse finken      Turn in your final RP at 3PM (email to Maja and Sisse). The submitted RPs are not to exceed 10 pages (+/- 1) including table of content and biography (excl. appendix) + they should be set in Times New Roman 12, 1.5 spacing. 
24.11.2008Sisse Finken  Visningsrommet, Forskningsparken  Presentations of projects 

  • 14:15-14:35 Group 3
  • 14:35-14:55 Group 6
  • 10 min. break
  • 15:05-15:25 Group 2
  • 15:25-15:45 Group 4
  • 10 min. break
  • 15:55-16:10 Group 1
  • 16:10-16:25 Group 5
01.12.2008Sisse Finken  Visningsrommet, Forskningsparken  Sum up on course, preparing for the exam   
10.12.2008Sisse Finken    Exam at 14:30 (written, letter-grade system A-F). 3 hours   
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