This course is replaced by IN5530 – Research Through Design.

Reading List

We will discuss the following chapters/papers through the duration of the course (as specified below). Other references may be specified during the course based on the nature of your specific projects.

Week 1/Week 3

  1. Research through Design in HCI. John Zimmerman and Jody Forlizzi, book chapter from Ways of Knowing in HCI, 2014
  2. [Optional] From Research Prototype to Research Product. Odom, W., Wakkary, R., Lim, Y., Desjardins, A., Banks, R., Hengeveld, B. (CHI ’16)

Week 2

  1. Making spaces: how design workbooks work. Bill Gaver. 2011 (CHI' 11) (Local Copy)
  2. Designing using scenario techniques/Form follows fiction. Aprile W., Boland B., Mirti S., book chapter from Interaction Design Primer (Vol.1)

Week 4

  1. Annotated portfolios. Bill Gaver and John Bowers. 2012. interactions 19, 4 (July 2012) (Local copy
  2. Exploring Technology Use in Dance Performances. Klaudia Carcani, (HCII extended abstract)
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