This course is replaced by IN5320 – Development in platform ecosystems.

Improving usability in Tracker Capture app

The Tracker Capture app enables enrollment of patients in health programmes and registration of patient data for the various stages in the programme. Try the Tracker Cpature app in the DHIS2 Demo to see how its MNCH/PNC (Adult Woman) programme works.

The same measurements, e.g. weight and blood pressure, are registrered in each stage of the programme, and health workers have told that they want to view the measurements from the previous stage when registering the current values. Tracker Capture cannot do this now, such that this may be a way of improving its usability.

The assignment is thus to modify the current Tracker Capture app to enable view of previous data when entering new. See the illustration below for an example. 

If your knowledge about usability makes you believe that another change to the app could also improve its usability, you are welcome to do this change instead.

This assignment can be extended to a master thesis for a research project on tracking pregnant women. 

Data being entered in the 2nd stage of the antenatal care programme.

Published Oct. 28, 2015 9:31 AM - Last modified Oct. 28, 2015 9:31 AM
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