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Numerical algorithms and development of modern mathematical software for integration/differentiation, ordinary differential equations and simple partial differential equations. The main emphasis is on difference methods. Adaptive and parallel computations are exemplified. Implementation of the methods is mainly carried out in Java and Matlab.

Learning outcome

The course gives an introduction to the development of modern numerical tools for simulation of different phenomena in the natural sciences, technological areas, economics and medicine. Emphasis is placed on integrating the derivation of mathematical models, formulation of numerical solutions, implementation of algorithms from an object-oriented point of view, and verification and error correction of mathematical software. The students shall acquire an understanding of the various components that comprise modern technical software and they shall increase their programming skills.


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Overlapping courses

10 credits INF165.


The course is given in the spring with 2 hours of lectures and 2 hours of study groups per week. The students must hand in and pass two obligatory tasks (individually) before they are admitted to take the exam.


Oral or written examination at the end of the semester. No helping material allowed at the exam. Graded: pass/not pass.


Note that the first lecture is compulsory. The subject is regarded equal to INF165 when practicing exam regulations.

Course Auditor: Jan Olav Langseth

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The subject will Spring 2007 be replaced by INF-MAT2351


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