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This course gives a thorough introduction to the remaining aspects of an operating systems not covered by INF3150, including topics like management of physical and virtual storage, devices and file systems. The exercises cover analysis, design and implementation of different abstractions. During the course, each student will further develop and expand the running operating system kernel implemented in INF3150. It is recommended that both INF3150 and INF3160 be followed in the same semester. Otherwise, some extra work might be necessary.

Learning outcome

Traditional operating systems such as UNIX and Windows have been successfully used for many years, both in business and research areas. This course will provide the students with an in-depth understanding of the basic concepts implemented in these operating systems running on uni-processor machines.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

INF3150 – Operating systems - I (discontinued) in the same or previous semester and INF1020 – Algorithms and data structures (discontinued) /INF 110/INF 103 (note that none of the new courses overlapping with INF 103 hold as prerequisite).

Recommended previous knowledge

INF1060 – Introduction to operating systems and data communications (continued) /INF 103 and INF1070 – Computer architecture (discontinued). INF3150 – Operating systems - I (discontinued) in the same semester.

Overlapping courses

10 credits with INF4160 – Operating systems II (discontinued) and 3 credits with INF 242


4 hours lectures and 4 hours of problem solving sessions per week


The students must hand in six mandatory tasks out of which five will be graded. The theory assignments will be weighted app. 17% each and the practical assignments will be weighted app. 25% each. The subject should be taken the same semester as INF3150.


Note that the first lecture is compulsory. The subject is regarded equal to INF4160 when practicing exam regulations.

Course Auditor: Pål Knudsen

Facts about this course




The subject will be replaced by INF3151 – Operating systems (continued) autumn 2006.


Every autumn

Teaching language

Norwegian (English on request)