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29.08.2008C & P  3A  Intro and Architectures  slides: ppt , pdf

The slides will probably not be available before the leture - see last years slides (but changes will be done) 

05.09.2008C & P  3A  Machine resources (server examples & CPU)  slides: ppt, pdf 
12.09.2008C & P  3A  Machine resources (memory & storage)  slides:ppt, pdf 
19.09.2008C & P  3A  Machine resources (storage)  slides: see previous lecture 
26.09.2008C & P   3A   Protocols without QoS-support  slides:ppt, pdf 
03.10.2008C & P   3A  Protocols  slides:keynote, exported ppt, pdf 
10.10.2008C & P   3A  Distribution systems (centralized)  slides:ppt, pdf 
17.10.2008C & P  3A  Distribution systems (hierarchical)  slides:ppt, pdf 
24.10.2008Erik AAberg (Schibsted)  3A  Guest lecture  Schibsted will talk about services they offer and their systems...

NB! We will start at 10.15 

31.10.2008    no lecture   
07.11.2008C & P  3A  Distribution systems (peer-to-peer)  slides:ppt, pdf 
14.11.2008all  3A  Student presentations   
21.11.2008all  3A  Discussion  A discussion about the usefulness or uselessness of presented mechanisms, and about pros and cons of combining several of them in one system.

Get an overview over your notes before this lecture. It's a waste of time if nobody can have opinions. 

05.12.2008--  kommer senere  Eksamen  Eksamen 
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