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KJM4200 – Organic Chemistry II

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Course content

Advanced organic synthesis. New synthetic methods and laboratory techniques are introduced. Various chromatographic methods are employed for analysis of the progress of reactions and for isolation of products. The products are identified and the purity assessed by several spectroscopic methods. The student operates a NMR-spectrometer and an IR- instrument. In the lectures new topic are highlighted and the theoretical background for the laboratory course is discussed.

Learning outcome

The student shall obtain a high level of synthetic experience and be able to perform new experiments independently. A high competence in chromatographic separations and use of spectrometers is expected.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

KJM1110 – Organic chemistry I (continued) and KJM3000 – Applied Spectroscopy, or equivalent courses. KJM3000 – Applied Spectroscopy may alternatively be taken simultaneously with KJM4200.

Recommended previous knowledge

KJM1120 – Inorganic Chemistry (continued), KJM1130 – Physical Chemistry I - Thermodynamics and Kinetics and KJM2200 – Biological Chemistry (discontinued), or equivalent courses.

Overlapping courses

10 ECTS credits overlap with KJM3200 – Organic Chemistry II.


Laboratory course (120 hours), lectures (20 hours) and colloquiums (10 hours).

It is compulsory to attend the first day of lectures and the first day of the laboratory exercises. If you have a valid reason for not attending these activities, you must inform the Expedition Office at the Department of Chemistry on phone 22 85 54 46 or e-mail before the activity starts. You will not be allowed to attend the course if you do not inform the Department of Chemistry that you can not attend compulsory activities, or if you do not have a valid reason for not attending these activities.


Written exam (4 hours). Letter grades (A-F).

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Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.


The teaching will be cancelled if less than 3 students have registered for the course by the closing date for course registration in January.

Facts about this course




The course will be continued as KJM3200 – Organic Chemistry II

Teaching language

Norwegian (English on request)