This course is discontinued

KJM5370 – Physical NMR spectroscopy

Course content

An introduction to the concept (spin, magnetization, relaxation, Bloch equations, coupling, chemical shift) of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is presented using both a classical (vector model) and a quantum mechanical (Hamiltonian) approach. These concepts are necessary to understand the basics of solid state NMR, which defines the second part of the course.

Learning outcome

The student shall acquire a profitable insight into the theoretical principles of NMR and to understand the underlying aspects governing the spectral appearance of solid state NMR spectra. A further object is to get insight into the experimental and theoretical principles which are available to improve the spectral resolution in solid state NMR.


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Recommended previous knowledge

KJM1060 - Structure and spektroskopy and KJM3000 - Applied spectroscopy

Overlapping courses

The course has 9 study points overlap with KJ 438.


The course has 30 hours of lectures, and exercises. In addition, the students work individually in projects (40 hours) which end up with a written report and an oral presentation in the group.

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Oral examination. The report counts 50% of the final mark.

Examination support material

No examination support material is allowed.

Grading scale

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Explanations and appeals

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Special examination arrangements

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The teaching will be cancelled if less than 3 students are signed for the course at the registration deadline.

The project report is only valid the semester when it is done.

Facts about this course






Every other spring semester. The course is not given spring 2008. Students are recommended to take FYS-KJM4740 – MR-theory and medical diagnostics (continued) instead.


Every other spring semester. The course is not given spring 2008. Students are recommended to take FYS-KJM4740 – MR-theory and medical diagnostics (continued) instead.

Teaching language

English if requested by English-speaking master students, otherwise Norwegian.