Exercises for Mon Nov 26

1. On Mon Nov 19 I went through the Oblig, with time also used for the martingales, etc., and the exercise with n = 238 drug users in clinics, via Ch 10 hitting-time models; cf. R script com31b. I also started "repetisjon", looking back at our curriculum.

2. For Mon Nov 26, do these two exercises. (a) The drug users, once more, with Aalen-Gjessing model, of the type X_i(t) = c_0 \exp(x_i \beta) - (\mu_0 + \gamma x_i) t + W_i(t) reaching zero. (b) Suppose an event takes place in one of ten possible ways, corresponding to independent times T_1, ..., T_{10}, with hazard rates \alpha_1(s), ..., \alpha_{10}(s), and that the event happens when the first of these sub-events takes place. Find the hazard rate and survival curve for the time T to event.

3. On Mon Nov 26, we're in repetisjonsmodus, looking through our curriculum. Prepare, by having questions, concerning details or the bigger picture.

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