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MAT9340 – Elementary functional analysis

Course content

The course gives an introduction to functional analysis, which is a branch of analysis in which one develops analysis in infinite dimensional vector spaces. The central concepts which are studied, are normed spaces with emphasis on Banach and Hilbert spaces, and continuous linear maps (often called operators) between such spaces. Spectral theory for compact operators is studied in detail, and applications are given to integral and differential equations.

Learning outcome

The course will be useful for all students who are aiming at writing a master thesis in mathematics (or applied mathematics) with spesialization in analysis.


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Recommended previous knowledge

Knowledge corresponding to MAT1110 – Calculus and Linear Algebra, MAT1120 – Linear Algebra, MAT2400 – Real Analysis, MAT2410 – Introduction to Complex Analysis should be taken together with MAT3300 – Measure and integration (discontinued)/MAT4300 – Measure and integration (discontinued) if you haven`t taken this course previously.


4 hours of lectures/exercises per week.


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Facts about this course






Autumn 2009

This version of the course was held for the last time Autumn 2009. MAT4340 – Elementary functional analysis (discontinued) will still be held.


Autumn 2009

Teaching language


The course is given in English. If no students have asked for the course in English within the first lecture, it may be given in Norwegian.