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Important: I have now uploaded …

Important: I have now uploaded Andrew Gelman's 2008 article "Objections to Bayesian Statistics" to this course website, taken from the "Bayesian Analysis" online journal, along with discussion contributions by Jose Bernardo, Jay Kadane, Stephen Senn, Larry Wasserman, and Gelman's rejoinder (Gelman is himself a prominent Bayesian, but chose nevertheless to air some of his objections to Bayesian practice in this manner). All students may benefit from sifting through these, but this particular message is primarily directed to the PhD students who are taking the STK 9020 version of the exam. All students shall work with Exercise 1, 2, 3 from the Exam Set 3-Dec to 14-Dec, but the PhD students are also required to work on Exercise 4.

This last Exercise 4 is as follows: Read through the Gelman 2008 paper and ensuing discussion, and write up a short essay (perhaps three pages?) where you (a) briefly sum up just a few points from this discussion and (b) choose one or twho of these themes for further elaboration from your side. You are very much invited to present your own views as relevant for your own work (ongoing or prospective). -- I emphasise that you are not necessarily required to care about all of the Gelman 2008 discussion; you are instead supposed to find something there worth discussing further from your own perspectives or tastes.

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