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ENT4310 – Business economics and marketing

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This subject provides a general introduction into the specialist areas of economics and marketing, two areas which play an important role in all innovation and establishment processes.

Economics topics: Cost and income analysis, as well as a basic understanding of those mechanisms which affect demand, offers and price determination. Students will also learn about cost theory, economic estimates and analyses, management accounts, accounts analysis, project analysis and budgeting.

Marketing topics: basic marketing, as well as an understanding of basic marketing tools and functions. Students will learn to recognize key marketing concepts, theories and models. Market orientation and specialist knowledge will enable students to identify, analyze and solve marketing problems in practice. In addition: market strategy and market planning, purchasing behavior, market segmentation, market analysis and forecasts.

Learning outcome

The aim of this subject is to provide students with a basic insight into economics and marketing for start-up companies so that they will i.a. be able to:

  • undertake a number of economic estimates and analyses;
  • undertake investment and financing analyses;
  • handle budgets and draw up accounts;
  • undertake market analyses and construct market plans


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Enrolment in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme required.

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Lectures and individual exercises.


A 5 hour written exam. Graded marks (A-F). All written aids allowed.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

Anders Lunnan is the external auditor for this course till spring term 2007.


The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.

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This course has been replaced by ENT4320 and ENT4330.

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